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Tim Bell

Tim Bell is the founder of Bell Branding Solutions, a brand marketing firm in Kirkland, Washington. His clients refer to him as “a magic man” for start up business and continuing brand focus for all sized companies.  He started his career in Hollywood California, working in radio and television after attending Chico State University.

Tim is the son of Richard Bell – CBS Televisions Director of Marketing and winner of many advertising CLEO awards.  His passion for marketing started at an early age.

His interests in art, design and marketing blossomed into creating a full agency suite of solutions for companies across the country since 1983.

When he’s not in his saddle, creating design and facilitating successful brand campaigns for his clients, he enjoys boating, fishing, golf, oil painting, magic and his five children.

Organizations have a brand and that brand is a promise – a promise to play a meaningful, indispensable role in the lives of their audience – thats where we come in.”

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”       -Bill Gates

Bell Branding Solutions created a powerful and effective website for my company.  We had less than 45 days to complete our new site before our national ads in our largest industry trades got circulated.  I was thrilled when we launched on schedule.  The first days the new site went live I experienced such relief; I felt like I finally had a massive sales staff working 24 hours a day promoting my product.  I felt the impact in my sales almost immediately.

Bell Branding Solutions succeeded in understanding my market, figuring out what would appeal to our very specific customer base.   They created a very “current” look, that reflected the quality of my product line.

Revising a website as complex as mine was a daunting task, but Tim Bell was wonderful to work with. He kept the project moving forward every day.  I felt like he was part of our team, working tirelessly for a great outcome for my company.

Bell Branding Solutions created a website that everyone in our company is truly proud of.

Susan Z.

Owner, Zacklift International

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