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 November 1, 2023

Hi Brian,

It looks like I created your existing site in May 2022, with that being said a lot has transpired in the web dev world.

After reviewing the sites you’ve shared and our conversations, here is what I suggest I do to help you drive customer aquisition.

Let me know if you have any questions and/or would like to get started?


Tim Bell

Benefits of Our Design and Platform

(developed with ‘open source’ architecture)

  • Built-in Content Management System (CMS)
    Your WordPress site will be developed using ‘the latest, 2023’ platform and custom theme to achieve the brand strategies per our discussion and future concepts upon our build.
  • Our Platform Increases Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    As an added value, your site will be optimized for easy publishing and the changing of content. Fresh and unique content is essential for getting good search engine rankings. All pages will be built using SEO best practices.
  • Blog Posts
    Enjoy having the ability to post latest news, product updates and features in a “blog” format that will allow your content to be presented as “latest entry” first and will utilize the built-in archive feature that will organize your content automatically.
  • Plug-Ins
    Our platform offers plug-ins with features that can be incorporated into your site and the functionality is virtually limitless.  Plug-ins for Social Media integration (Facebook and Twitter), photo galleries, forms, Google Maps, Video and RSS feeds and more…
  • Ease of Use
    Although WordPress, being very robust, simple edits can be done by you or if you choose to have us do it for you, that works to, at a minimum of $75.00.
Deliverables 1
  • Sitemap Submissions and Revisions
    BELL Branding Solutions will develop your site map showing the navigation of the site and where each supporting page will be located within the navigation. We use an online tool that can be shared with a team member in real time to acheive our sitemap and upload content directly for consistency. Optional.
  • Home Page Design
    Your home page will reflect your new branding elements. Logo, colors and marketing appeal. Custom background, header, footer and navigation. Per our discussion, a second round of replacing imagery throughout your site, once you have real/people/building images are included in our prcing.
  • Sub-page Design
    Your sub-page design will reflect the design elements from the home page. Granted, most subpages will be unique to the materials submitted and designed using the same color scheme from your home page.
  • Site Features
    The following features are included with your design.
    -Built-In Content Managment System (CMS) Site is client-editable – WordPress/DIVI Builder
    -Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Your site will be designed with SEO best practices.
    -Page custom titles
    -Page Meta Descriptions and Page Meta Keywords. This is also client editable.   *Further SEO services are available   .
    -Blog/Article Section will be developed for your staff to submit to the site. Content updates work well with Google Search.
    -Social Media Tie-In – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links to your social pages
    -Google Maps – Located on the Contact Us Page
    -Site Search if desired
    -Email Sign Up: if applicable
    -Photo Galleries as needed
    -Form to Email – Typically found on the ‘contact us’ page and global footer
Deliverables 2
  • Content Pages
    Your Site package will include up to 30-40 web pages.
  • Content Writing
    We prefer to have our clients send us the content/writing, although we now have AI for content. This includes information about who you are, your products, services, and team members. You will be able to add and change out content at any time. If you have an existing site, we can pull that content for the new site, or we can assist you in the creation of your content for an additional $75.00 per hour.
  • Images
    The use of images is important in creating the right look and feel of your website and professional representation of your products and services.  We can pull existing Images from your current site. A drop box will be established for sharing of imagery and documents.
  • Videos
    Supplied videos, up to four will be posted on your site and pulled from your YouTube channel.  Video editing and creative services are available upon request.
  • Hosting and Installation of Your Platform
    BELL Branding Solutions hosting package for your site will reside on our business account with Siteground and includes monthly maintenance.
  • Cross Browser Testing
    BELL Branding Solutions will perform website testing to ensure appropriate consistency, appearance and functionality across the following web browsers:
    Microsoft Edge,  most recent
    Firefox, most recent
    Safari, most recent
    Google Chrome,  most recent
    Opera, most recent
    Brave, most recent
    Duck Duck Go, most recent
  • On-going Support
    As part of your platform package, we will be available to support you at no additional cost for 30 days from web launch. We understand that there can be some tweaking and minor editing after the initial launch and are committed to getting it where you want it from the start. This support includes guarding against bugs, minor fixes, and 2 hours of training for  training. Any major redesign work will create a new proposal.
Other BRAND Services
  • Logo Design: $900.00, upon new site build | includes up to 10 comps, color options
  • Letterhead | Envelopes | Business Cards | Labels | (3) Social channel bannner’s |$400.00
  • (2) Tri-fold Full Color Brochures | $500.00

Search Engine Marketing (packages starting at $600./mo.)
Email Marketing (set up, creative, list management and launch – $300/campaign)
Brochures, priced according to format needed and pages to be completed.
Swag/Branded Merchandise/Corporate Apparel is available.

The above shows a project estimate I did last Nov. My sites run $2,500 – $5,000.00.

I built your existing site at no charge. We are good friends plus always helped each other out.  You kindness since last December regarding my payables to Fashion meant the world to me. You’ve been so supportive during my meltdown. I’m prettu sure I’ve gone through a few challenges over the years.

I propose that we make it a wash should you agree?  It should be at $1700.’ish.

The sites you shared were

In exchange I will do the following to offset the payables.

Host your site@ $225.00/yr. to include:

  • Weekly/monthly management of WordPress
  • Plugin updates
  • Site health
  • Traffic stats
  • File management
  • SSL Certificate
  • Speed and security.

Site Build $1,100.00

  • Navigation Rework
  • Home Page
    Graphic Updates | Colors | Layout | Add Catagories
  • Pages
    What we do – How we do it
    Work – Testimonials – some would be good.
  • Decorationg Techniques
  • Quote
  • Shop – Create S&S shop site.  Create SanMar Shop site.

SEO 2 months $200.00 per mo. $600.00

  • Best practices for ea. page
  • Set Up Google Anylictics Set-up for reporting
  • Yoast for Word Press basic

The above includes youtube video posting and site posting.

3 months to completion.

Let me know and we can have another call to start.



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